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Hay has such a diverse community, encompassing everything from the dusty plains to the flowing  Murrumbidgee River, from Nature's wonderful Sunsets to Man's accomplishments of 5 brilliant museums,

this is all enhanced by Hay's own Community Radio Station - 2HayFM, 92.1 MHz

The Gateway to the Outback



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Main Office / Studio / Advertising / Sponsorship: Railway Station, PO Box 309, Hay

 Ph:02 6993 1205     Fax:02 6993 4969

Advertising   Ph: 0407 151 387

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2HAYFM broadcasts across the Hay region with its signal extending to parts of the Griffith, Balranald, Deniliquin & Booligal areas


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When compared to other forms of advertising, radio has the ability to reach thousands of people simultaneously, making it one of the most economical methods of advertising. Radio is a truly portable medium - it can be heard anywhere: at home, in the car, at work, in the garden, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom. Radio is free to listen to, this makes listeners more responsive, more willing to consume and therefore more receptive to your message. Newspapers and magazines have to be bought and advertisements are easily avoided.  Radio attracts 75% less ad-avoidance than newspapers



2HAYFM gives you the freedom to target your message to our listeners with our flexible sponsorship packages. Start a campaign on 2HAYFM for a lot less than an average letterbox drop or newspaper ad. 2HAYFM listeners are very loyal. They support the businesses that support their radio station. 2HAYFM sponsorship is an effective way to develop and maintain a reputation for being a strong supporter of the local community, and it gives the sponsor a positive image


Easy to understand and affordable for any business, A vital community service


Run of Station: Played between 6AM – 6PM
$12.42 (GST incl) per 30 second spot
Minimum 10 slots per booking
Bonus Buy: Book 30 run of station slots and get 40 for the same price


Production Fee
$27.50 (inc. GST)

2HAYFM will consult with you to create an effective sponsorship production




We require all sponsorships to be suitable broadcast quality and meet community standards for the timeslots that are aired within. You are responsible to ensure that your sponsorship announcements meet any additional legal obligations that apply to your products and services


Radio can be spectacularly successful when everything clicks!

# the right offer

# the right message

# the right copy

# and the right station….we hope you choose 2HAYFM.



Sales Manager – Wes Grant

Room 7 – Railway Station,  Phone: 02 6993 1205   Mobile: 0407 151 387
E-mail: advertising@hayfm.org
Fax: 02 6993 4969